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30kg light rail delivery to Zambian
Edit:Zongxiang Heavy Industry--Ethan Date:2019-02-13 14:55:38

Just started work in the new year, there are orders. Yesterday, just after the end of the Chinese New Year holiday, we received an order from a Zambian customer, he need 20 tons of 30kg light rail, today we have all loaded and ready to ship. According to communicate with the customer, the customer has purchaseed other model of rails in our home and knows that we are starting the holiday, so he send us the inquiry in the first time, this is the trust of our company and the product of our company.

30kg rail is a kind of light rail, China rail is mainly divided into light rail, heavy rail and crane rail, the light rail mainly include 8kg, 9kg, 12kg, 15kg, 22kg, 24kg, 30kg, each model divided by the weight of per meter, specific parameters and load weights are also different, the light rail is mainly used for the laying of temporary transportation lines and light locomotive lines for forest areas, mining areas, factories and construction sites.

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