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If the rail pressure plate is loose, it must be shut down for maintenance in time.
Edit:Zongxiang Heavy Industry--Ethan Date:2019-03-06 16:46:14

Many customers and friends have learned that the track is the typical existenceof the rail product market today, and the direction of the use of the track is gradually growing, regarding the looseness of the plate during the use of the track, the first thing we do is shutdown maintenance.

There are many large-scale faults in engineering cranes, some of the painful price is only caused by some small faults, so if you want to be a qualified operator, you must strictly implement the operating procedures. In-depth understanding of the serious consequences of small failures in crane parts. We can say that if the rail of the crane is loose or the rail clamp box is deformed or the rope is deformed, it must be stopped. It must be reused after the rail clamp is no longer loose.

It can be seen that the daily safe installation and use of the track is very important, I hope that the above knowledge can help customers and friends understand the track products and enrich the mechanical safety operation to provide support and help.

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